Monday, August 29, 2011

Production Entry #1

Alright! So here I go. Final semester. Huge video assignment coming up for INFT. Hopefully, it won't turn out as crappy as my other short films.

This blog will chart the whole behind-the-scenes process from pre-production to shooting to post. These entries are purely for my benefit (creative/vanity reasons) and to future UniSA students who might learn from the millions of mistakes I am undoubtedly going to make in the next few months. You're welcome.

The final production has to be 3 minutes long, with a 1 minute task demonstration embedded in a dramatic storyline. Interesting. And yet, such a pain in the butt.Why does UniSA have to put in these dumb rules?

The production is going to be ambitious. The story is a zombie apocalypse in Taylor's University. Zombies are everywhere, students are trapped and they try to survive as they face the undead and each other. The task I chose was shock recovery and CPR, which I think fits perfectly in a dramatic storyline as a very suspenseful element.

Hope I'm not getting in a little too over my head with this. Everything plays out fine in my head but pulling it off in real life will be difficult. Seeking a lot of professional help from friends regarding the lighting, camerawork and make-up. The lecturer's still skeptical about the whole thing and I don't blame him. I think it's a little crazy myself.

The script's done and the actors have been casted. Going through hell to get management approval for usage of a classroom after hours.And will begin to assemble to production crew. Cameras, lighting, art dept, make-up; the works.

This should be fun.

Nicholas Cheng

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